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CNN - Dr. Adam Grant - Optimize HireClick here to read CNN article featuring Dr. Adam Grant.

CNN recently featured Harvard Business School professor Dr. Francesca Gino’s research on the link between extroversion, introversion, and job performance. Dr. Gino’s research challenges the common belief that extroverts are the most successful salespeople and are highest in the corporate ladder.

Extroverts—those people who are more assertive, gregarious, and excitement seeking—are often associated with top business roles, but new data suggests that businesses are making a mistake by focusing only on extroverts.

Researchers Drs. Francesca Gino, Adam Grant, and David Hofmann found that introverts are more likely to listen to ideas, internalize them, and improve team performance—unlike extroverts who are dominant, drive conversations, and are less receptive to new ideas. “Bill Gates is a prime example of an introvert who is a successful leader”, says Gino.

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