Optimize Hire is for everyone

Over 700 businesses large and small use the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test to improve their hiring decisions. Meet a few of our customers, read their stories, and imagine what Optimize Hire can do for you.

Optimize Hire Testimonial“I’m loving Optimize Hire!”
Corrine Dennison, Director of Talent Management
MissionPoint Health Partners
Nashville, TN


Optimize Hire Testimonial“Optimize Hire will be our standard system for all future hiring.”
Martin Smith, CEO
Sonus Public Relations
London, England


Optimize Hire Testimonial“It’s been a Godsend. It’s been a cleansing of my office.”
Dr. Michael Morabito, Owner
Palmetto Vision Care
Charleston, SC


Optimize Hire Testimonial“With Optimize Hire, I was not only able to streamline the application process, I made a great hire!”
Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Owner
Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery
San Francisco, CA

Optimize Hire Testimonial“I will definitely use Optimize Hire again and found it to be helpful. It is very practical.”
Andrew Byers, Attorney
Byers & Goulding, P.L.C.
Auburn Hills, MI

Greg Foley“Optimize Hire saved me a lot of time in deciphering the best candidates.”
Dr. Gregory Foley, Owner
Eye Central
Washington, DC


Optimize Hire Testimonial“I really enjoy your sorting and scoring, kind of makes recruiting fun again.”
Beth Forsythe, Practice Administrator
Evergreen Vision Clinic
Evergreen, CO