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Optimize Hire sells its service as an annual license with unlimited assessments starting at $500 per year. This allows you to assess an unlimited number of applicants for all of your job openings per year.

Using our proven process, 1,000+ organizations easily evaluate all applicants to make the best hiring decisions possible!

Give us a call at 800.330.2020 to get pricing for your organization and to get started with Optimize Hire!

Optimize Hire’s Annual License Includes:

  • Unlimited assessments
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Customized interview guide for each applicant
  • Customized job descriptions
  • Tools to help you quickly post the job description online
  • Customized online application page for your organization
  • Online applicant tracking system to manage your job applicants
  • Step by step guide to hiring best practices
  • Pre-written emails (e.g Rejection and Interview emails) to send to applicants