Hiring Assessment for Nurses

The Optimize Hiring Assessment helps organizations evaluate nurse job applicants on 9 traits, including Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Motivation.

Nurse job applicants who score high on the Optimize Hiring Assessment are significantly more likely to be promoted, achieve higher supervisor and customer service ratings, generate more sales revenue, and have lower turnover than low scorers.

Our cost effective hiring assessment helps firms predict which job applicants will be the highest performers and stay in the job the longest.

 Case Study: Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test Predicts Turnover

In a recent case study, Optimize Hire found that applicants with a high Optimize Hire Assessment score were 2 times less likely to quit or be fired than those with low scores. To view more case studies of the Optimize Hire Assessment, visit our Results page:


Optimize Hire’s Annual License Includes:

  • Unlimited assessments
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Customized interview guide for each applicant
  • Customized job descriptions
  • Tools to help you quickly post the job description online
  • Customized online application page for your organization
  • Online applicant tracking system to manage your job applicants
  • Pre-written emails (e.g Rejection and Interview emails) to send to applicants
  • Step by step guide to hiring best practices

Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test - Assess Applicants Now