Hiring Assessment Results

Applicants who score high on the Optimize Hire Assessment are significantly more likely to be promoted, achieve higher supervisor and customer service ratings, generate more sales revenue, and have lower turnover than low scorers.

To learn more about the science behind the assessment, visit the Pre-Employment Test page.

Proven Predictor Of Performance

Optimize Hire works with hiring experts at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to conduct validation studies to prove that our hiring assessment predicts job performance. Every validation study to date has shown that the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Assessment successfully predicts job performance. The results are dramatic. Click here to download a summary of our validation study results.

Overall, employees who score high on the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Assessment experience the following compared with those who score low:

  • Lower turnover
  • More promotions
  • Higher sales revenue
  • Higher supervisor ratings
  • Higher mystery shopper ratings
  • Higher customer service ratings
  • Higher employee potential ratings