Correctional Facility Pre-Employment Testing

Correctional facilities use the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test to improve their bottom line. The Optimize Hire Correctional Facility Pre-Employment Test is a 20-minute aptitude test designed to assess which correctional facility job applicants will perform best in the correctional facility industry. The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test measures 9 traits including Cognitive AbilityPersonality, and Motivation to help correctional facility employers hire hard-working, reliable employees with diligent attention paid to duty and service. Optimize Hire offers specialized pre-employment tests to fill the following positions in correctional facility: corrections officers, managers, and office staff.

Pre-Employment Tests Improve Correctional Facilities’ Performance

Led by Dr. Adam Grant, Optimize Hire research shows that correctional facility job applicants who score high on the Correctional Facility Pre-Employment Test, on average:

  • 6x less likely to quit or be fired
  • Have higher customer service ratings

Pre-Employment Testing Saves Your Correctional Facility Time and Money

We save correctional facilities time and money by:

  • Generating a customized job description
  • Allowing you to quickly post the job description online
  • Having all applicants complete the Correctional Facility Pre-Employment Test online
  • Instantly ranking applicants from best to worst
  • Providing expert interview questions that are tailored to each applicant
  • Sending pre-written Rejection and Interview emails to applicants

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