Pre-Employment Testing For Eyefinity Members

Eye Care StaffOptometry practices use the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test to improve their bottom line. The Optimize Hire Optometry Pre-Employment Test is a 20-minute aptitude test designed to assess which optometry office job applicants will perform best in optometry jobs. The Optometry Pre-Employment Test does not measure technical knowledge, but instead measures 9 traits including Cognitive AbilityPersonality, and Motivation to help optometry practices hire caring, reliable employees. Optimize Hire offers specialized pre-employment tests to fill the following positions in the optometry industry: opticians, optometric technicians, lab technicians, insurance billers, office staff, and managers. Visit our Optometry and Ophthalmology pages for more information.

Pre-Employment Testing Results For Eye Care Jobs

Led by Dr. Adam Grant, Optimize Hire research shows that eye care job applicants who score high on the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Tests, on average:

  • Generate 50% more revenue
  • 6x less likely to quit or be fired
  • Have higher customer service ratings

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