The Rise of Pre-Employment Testing

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Over the past few months, you may have heard more and more chatter about the use of pre-employment testing in the hiring process. Not surprising. According to The Washington Post, the number of companies using pre-employment testing to assess job applicants is on the rise. According to a Washington Post article, Online tests are the latest gateway to landing a new job, “In 2013, more than a third of new hires reported taking such a test, compared with 18 percent in 2008”. Many HR professionals, managers, and business owners are wondering, “Can pre-employment…

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Why Job Interviews Don’t Work

So, why don’t interviews work? Interviewers Are Biased (And Don’t Know It) As interviewers, we see what we want to see (called confirmation bias). In the first 60 seconds of an interview, we perceive someone to be a good or a bad candidate, and we look for all the things that confirm that impression and discount all the things that don’t. We try to hire ourselves (called implicit egotism). We favor applicants with similar backgrounds, interests, ages, genders, and even birthdays, which are completely unrelated to job performance. We focus…

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Where To Advertise Your Job Opening

Wondering about the best places to post your job opening? We can help. Craigslist The vast majority of Optimize Hire clients post their job openings on Craigslist first. Craigslist job postings cost $25 and allow you to select your location, industry, insert images, and add a job description. While Craigslist postings remain active for 30 days, clients receive the most number of responses to their ad within the first week after posting. In our view, Craigslist is best for hourly workers. However, at only $25 per posting, we recommend advertising…

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How To Write A Job Description

This article contains 5 simple steps for writing the perfect job description: State The Company, Position, and Location. Example: Bank of America is seeking a full-time Teller for our Raleigh, NC location. Do include the business name, name of the position, and location. Don’t hide the company name. If you were looking for a job, you would want to know where you were applying. Write Down The Main Job Responsibilities Example: Responsibilities include greeting clients, answering questions, cashing checks and paying out money, depositing money, recording client transactions, balancing money…

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Malcolm Gladwell Calls Dr. Adam Grant’s Work “Brilliant”

Malcolm Gladwell

Bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell,  stated that Dr. Adam Grant is one of his favorite social science writers, calling his work “brilliant”. Click here to read Malcolm Gladwell’s interview in The New York Times.  Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Testing Optimize Hire research is led by Dr. Adam Grant, an award-winning teacher, researcher, and tenured management professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Optimize Hire uses decades of scientific research to determine which traits are most important to predict job performance among applicants in a wide range of industries. Assess Applicants Now…

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Harvard Business Review Says Test First, Then Interview

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review recommends having all applicants complete pre-employment tests before reviewing resumes or conducting interviews. Click here to read the HBR article titled “When Hiring, First Test, and Then Interview”.  The article explains, “Many service companies, including retailers, call centers, and security firms, can reduce costs and make better hires by using short, web-based psychometric tests as the first screening step. Such tests efficiently weed out the least-suitable applicants, leaving a smaller, better-qualified pool to undergo the more costly personalized aspects of the process.” According to the article, “If more…

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Manage My Practice Cites Optimize Hire

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Mary Pat Whaley of Manage My Practice recently interviewed Optimize Hire to learn more about our pre-employment tests. Click here to read Mary Pat Whaley’s article: Buried Under Resumes? Optimize Hire Will Dig You Out. Manage My Practice: Mary Pat Whaley With 25+ years managing physician practices of all sizes and specialties in the private and public sectors, Mary Pat Whaley is one of the preeminent practice management consultants in the United States today. In addition to her Board Certification in Medical Practice Management, she is also a Certified Professional Coder…

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How to Use Pre-Employment Testing in Hiring – Harvard Business Review

In a recent Harvard Business Review article titled, “How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring”, author Ben Dattner quoted the Society for Human Resource Management saying, “Roughly 18% of companies currently use personality tests in the hiring process. […] This number is growing at a rate of 10-15% a year according to many industrial and organizational psychologists.” The article goes on to say that the costs of bad hiring decisions are immense. Dattner states, “the cost of a bad hire is widely estimated to be at least one year’s pay”. In a popular LinkedIn…

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US News & World Report Cites Optimize Hire

In a recent US News & World Report article titled, “Hiring Wisely: The Art of Selection”, author Dr. Marty Nemko cites Optimize Hire pre-employment tests as an effective way make better hiring decisions. Dr. Nemko offers common pitfalls in the hiring process and provides practical examples to improve hiring decisions. The article points out an often overlooked cost of a bad hiring decision: “the frustration of dealing with a bad employee”. This employee satisfaction cost is rarely mentioned but can have a significant negative impact on employee moral. Dr. Nemko discusses the…

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What’s Wrong with Job Interviews, and How to Fix Them – Dr. Adam Grant

Click here to read Dr. Adam Grant’s LinkedIn article: What’s Wrong with Job Interviews, and How to Fix Them. In his article, Dr. Adam Grant—creator of Optimize Hire—discusses why standard interviews are such poor predictors of job performance and explains better methods to improve hiring decisions. “Interviews are terrible predictors of job performance” writes Dr. Grant, citing a evidence from, “hundreds of studies of more than 32,000 job applicants over an 85-year period.” In place of traditional interviews, Dr. Grant recommends the following approaches as significantly better predictors of job…

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