Personality Pre-Employment Test

Personality traits are habitual patterns of thought, feeling, and action. Evidence shows that across jobs, 2 key personality traits are consistently associated with performance. The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test scores candidates on these 2 important personality traits.

Personality Predicts Job Performance

In a study to predict job performance, Drs. Murray Barrick and Michael Mount analyzed 117 studies of more than 23,000 individuals. They found that certain personality traits predicted job performance more effectively than others.

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Optimize Hire Assesses 9 Traits, Not Just Personality

The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test also assesses applicants on other traits that are linked to higher job performance to give you a well rounded look at each applicant. To learn more about the other traits that we assess, click the following categories: Cognitive AbilityMotivation, and Situational Judgment.

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