Situational Judgment Pre-Employment Test

Situational judgment tests present applicants with realistic scenarios that they would likely encounter on the job and asks them how they would respond to the given situation. Based on careful research, Optimize Hire rates the effectiveness of various responses, which are used to predict an applicant’s future job performance. The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test uses evidence-based situational judgment questions to score candidates on key traits traits that are linked to high job performance.

Situational Judgment Tests Predict Job Performance

Research by the Optimize Hire team and other leading hiring experts shows a direct correlation between situational judgment testing and optimal job performance. On average, job applicants who score low on the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test are almost 6 times more likely to quit or be fired:

Pre-Employment Testing Reduce Turnover Optimize Hire

Optimize Hire Assesses 9 Traits, Not Just Situational Judgment

The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test also assesses applicants on other traits that are linked to higher job performance to give you a well rounded look at each applicant. To learn more about the other traits that we assess, click the following categories: Cognitive AbilityPersonality, and Motivation.

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