US News & World Report Cites Optimize Hire

US News & World Report Cites Optimize HireIn a recent US News & World Report article titled, “Hiring Wisely: The Art of Selection“, author Dr. Marty Nemko cites Optimize Hire pre-employment tests as an effective way make better hiring decisions.

Dr. Nemko offers common pitfalls in the hiring process and provides practical examples to improve hiring decisions.

The article points out an often overlooked cost of a bad hiring decision: “the frustration of dealing with a bad employee”. This employee satisfaction cost is rarely mentioned but can have a significant negative impact on employee moral.

Dr. Nemko discusses the importance of using work samples “a report, business plan, software they developed, video of a lesson they taught, etc.” during the interview process as well as in-person simulations. Optimize Hire also recommends these items in addition to pre-employment testing to get the most well-rounded look into a candidate before making a hiring decision.

Lastly, the article recommends conducting a trial employment with the applicant stating, “A week’s or even a day’s trial can be valuable insurance.” In some instances, it may be appropriate to offer an applicant conditional employment while you further assess them on the job over a short period of time.

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