Where To Advertise Your Job Opening

Wondering about the best places to post your job opening? We can help.


The vast majority of Optimize Hire clients post their job openings on Craigslist first. Craigslist job postings cost $25 and allow you to select your location, industry, insert images, and add a job description. While Craigslist postings remain active for 30 days, clients receive the most number of responses to their ad within the first week after posting.

In our view, Craigslist is best for hourly workers. However, at only $25 per posting, we recommend advertising on Craigslist no matter the job title.

Some people feel that Craigslist delivers too many lower quality applicants. We disagree. Smart, qualified people look for jobs on almost every job board. And the Optimize Hire pre-employment testing system ranks all job applicants from best to worst based on 9 important traits that predict job performance.

Social media

Social Media Icons

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to post your job opening. And best of all they’re free!

You can create a Facebook wall post, a tweet on Twitter, or a LinkedIn wall post to tell your friends, contacts, and followers that you have a new job opening. They might apply themselves or share the job opening with a friend who might be interested.

LinkedIn also offers a more formal job board to post your job opening. This service requires a fee, and you can learn more about it here.

Your Website

Your website is another free place to post your job opening. Job seekers expect your website to have a Careers page that provides information on current job openings, what it’s like to work at your company, and how to apply.

Optimize Hire creates an online application page for each of its clients that funnels all applicants into the Optimize Hire pre-employment test to predict their job performance. 

Big Job Boards

Monster and CareerBuilder are also very popular places to advertise job openings. These sites charge a flat fee per job opening, which is typically expensive ($200-400+). And the job ad remains active on the site for 30 days.

Indeed charges a small fee for each applicant who views your ad. When you create an advertisement on Indeed, you can specify an overall budget and how much you are willing to pay for each applicant to click to view your ad. For example, setting your budget to $100 and each click to 25 cents would allow 400 clicks (or views) of your ad. The catch here is that not all applicants who view your ad will ultimately apply. We find that ad budgets often get used up very quickly with low numbers of applicants to show for it.

Niche job boards

Some niche job boards focus on targeting professionals in certain industries. For example, in the eye care industry, Local Eye Site targets eye care professionals. If you require applicants with previous experience or specific skills, posting on job boards that are specific to your industry could be fruitful.


Many local newspapers now offer online job boards. We do not recommend posting in the print edition, but posting in the online section of your local newspaper could also be beneficial.

Need More Help?

Optimize Hire can help you determine where you should post your job opening based on your company, location, and position requirements.

Optimize Hire also creates an online application page for each of its clients that funnels all applicants into Optimize Hire pre-employment test to predict their job performance.

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