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Pre-Employment Testing for Employers

Optimize Hire pre-employment testing has been proven to help employers drastically improve hiring decisions and reduce the time spent on the hiring process by up to 90%.

We evaluate all job applicants on 9 traits including Cognitive AbilityPersonality, and Motivation to predict job performance.

Improve Hiring Decisions With Pre-Employment Testing

Job applicants who score high on the online Optimize Hire pre-employment assessment, on average:

  • Generate 89% more sales revenue
  • 6 times less likely to quit or be fired
  • Receive 8% higher manager evaluations

Pre-Employment Testing by Dr. Adam Grant

Pre-Employment Testing Dr. Adam Grant | Optimize HireOptimize Hire scientific research is led by Dr. Adam Grant, an award-winning management professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. According to Dr. Grant, our employee selection tests, “were designed by experts in the industrial-organizational psychology, management, and organizational behavior fields, who have spent their entire careers studying work and job performance”.

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Optimize Hire Clients Also Receive These Free Benefits:

  • Customized online application page for your organization
  • Customized job descriptions
  • Tools to help you quickly post the job description online
  • Assess an unlimited number of job applicants
  • Online Applicant Tracking System to manage your job applicants
  • Structured interview guide that is tailored to each applicant
  • Pre-written emails (e.g. Rejection and Interview emails) to send to applicants
  • Step-by-step guide to hiring best practices

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