Pre-Employment Tests for Financial Services Jobs

Branch managers, loan officers, customer service representatives, and tellers directly affect the bottom line and client satisfaction. Yet all too often, managers choose candidates who fall short of our expectations. Eighty-five years of scientific research show that simply reviewing resumes and conducting interviews are significantly less effective than using pre-employment assessments to predict job performance.

Traits that Predict Sales Performance

In a study of financial services employees, Drs. Sergio Román and Dawn Iacobucci found that employees with a certain type of motivation generated higher sales, customer satisfaction of the product, and evaluations of the salesperson.

In another study of salespeople in the U.S., Drs. VandeWalle and Brown found that a specific personality trait predicted overall sales performance. In financial services jobs, new employees may experience low sales, which can lead to high turnover. Employees with this specific personality trait view such situations as opportunities to learn and grow and thereby “persist, escalate effort, engage in solution-oriented self instruction, and enjoy the challenge”. By contrast in the same situation, employees with low levels of this personality trait tend to “withdraw from the task, make negative ability attributions, and report decreased interest in the task.” The Optimize Hire Assessment scores candidates on this key trait among others.

Results for Financial Services Jobs

On average, Optimize Hire-endorsed employees generate more than 50 percent more revenue, receive higher customer service ratings, and are six times less likely to quit or be fired.

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