Pre-Employment Test

The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test is backed by 100 years of research in personnel selection and employment testing. There are hundreds of peer reviewed, published academic journal articles showing which traits are the best predictors of job performance.

Optimize Hire’s 10 minute assessment and customized interview guide evaluate all applicants on the 9 traits proven to be the best indicators of job performance. To learn more about each section of our pre-employment test, click the 4 categories below:

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Why Employers Need Pre-Employment Testing

According to the world’s two most cited authors on selection and hiring research, Drs. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter, some hiring methods work well (assessments) and some work poorly (resumes and interviews alone).

“Employers must make hiring decisions; they have no choice about that. But they can choose which methods to use in making those decisions. […] In economic terms, the gains from increasing the validity of hiring methods can amount over time to literally millions of dollars. However, this can be viewed from the opposite point of view: By using selection methods with low validity, an organization can lose millions of dollars in reduced production. […] In a competitive world, these organizations are unnecessarily creating a competitive disadvantage for themselves. By adopting more valid hiring procedures, they could turn this competitive disadvantage into a competitive advantage” (Hunter, Schmidt, 1998).

In this landmark study, Drs. Schmidt and Hunter conducted a meta-analysis of 85 years of personnel selection research to demonstrate the validity of 19 methods for predicting job and training performance. The research showed that cognitive ability is the best predictor of future job performance. Other strong predictors of job performance include specific personality traits and types of motivation.