Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Testing

The Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test assesses all job applicants on 9 traits proven to be the most reliable predictors of job performance. To learn more about each section of our pre-employment test, click the 4 categories below:

Cognitive Ability Pre-Employment Test       Motivation Pre-Employment Test       Personality Pre-Employment Test       Situational Judgment Pre-Employment Test

Our system instantly ranks applicants based on their overall scores and generates an Assessment Report PDF for each applicant. The report contains background information on each applicant, definitions of the 9 traits evaluated, a breakdown of the applicants’ test scores, and a structured interview guide with proposed questions tailored to each applicant.

Why Employers Need Pre-Employment Testing

“Interviews are terrible predictors of job performance” explains Dr. Adam Grant. “Consider a rigorous, comprehensive analysis of hundreds of studies of more than 32,000 job applicants over an 85-year period by Frank Schmidt and Jack Hunter. They covered more than 500 different jobs—including salespeople, managers, engineers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, mechanics, reporters, farmers, pharmacists, electricians, and musicians.” They found that reviewing resumes and conducting interviews alone is significantly less effective than using pre-employment testing to predict job performance.

Pre-Employment Tests Predict Performance

Pre-employment testing enables managers to screen out applicants with low potential, allowing them to focus on interviewing candidates with high potential. Pre-employment testing significantly increases the probability of hiring star performers. Below is a sample employment assessment test question:

Pre-Employment Test Sample Question


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