What’s included in my annual license?

Unlimited Assessments

Yes, you read that correctly. There is absolutely no limit to the number of times you can use our assessment during your annual license. We do not charge per applicant or per assessment. Instead, the cost of the annual license is determined by the number of people you expect to hire over the next 12 months.  Our scientifically proven assessments are the one of the quickest on the market, taking between 8-10 minutes to complete, on average. .

Candidate Ranking System

Optimize Hire instantly ranks your applicants by assessment score from highest to lowest inside of your current Applicant Tracking System. Similarly to the way college admissions use SAT scores, the Optimize Hire pre-employment test scores allow your recruiters and managers to quickly focus on the highest scoring applicants, saving up to 90% of the time they currently spend reading resumes.

Custom Interview Guides

Our custom interview guides give you an an extra layer of insight into each applicant’s performance on the Optimize Hire Pre Employment Test. For each of the 9 traits we assess where an applicant gets a low score, our interview guides provide specific, pointed questions from researchers at the Wharton School to help you dive deeper into that applicant’s ability in that given area.

Seamless Integration with iCIMS, Greenhouse, or any other Applicant Tracking System

Optimize Hire integrates seamlessly with iCIMS, Greenhouse, or any other Applicant Tracking System at no cost to you.

Customer and Technical Support

Optimize Hire guarantees a response to any customer support or technical question within one business day. We’re available during normal business hours and often after hours, too. Our customers call, text, or email us if they ever experience an issue. We recognize the seriousness and importance of having a smooth hiring system, and our number one priority is to make sure it is working smoothly and seamlessly.

Quick Webinar Training

Learning to use the Optimize Pre Employment Tests and interview guides is easy. Optimize Hire experts conduct live training webinars with your managers to walk them through each step, which only takes about 10 minutes. We also provide videos and PDF training documents to supplement the live training webinars. We use screen share and conference line technology to ensure easy communication to remote teams.

Validation Study

Validation studies are used to prove how well pre employment test scores predict job performance outcomes like  turnover, supervisor ratings, sales revenues, and more. Optimize Hire can conduct a validation study with your organization to prove how much our assessment affects the company’s bottom line and works with researchers at the Wharton School to conduct these empirical studies. In these studies, we statistically compare applicants’ Optimize Hire Pre Employment Test scores with the performance metrics you want to measure. These often include turnover and sales revenue, among others. Our studies consistently show that high scorers on the Optimize Hire Pre Employment Tests have significantly higher performance and lower turnover than low scorers.