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Backed by Science

Our pre-hire tests were developed by experts at the Wharton School. Those experts still conduct our validation studies and collaborate on assessment customizations.

Most Completed

Because the Optimize Hire pre-employment assessment takes only 8-10 minutes to complete, we have the highest completion rate on the market at 96%.

9 Traits Tested

Our pre-hire assessments always test 9 specific personality traits chosen based on decades of psychological research. We know they work based on our own validation research.

How does it help?

Our original hiring assessment and our custom assessments are based on decades of industrial psychology research and continued validation study data. We know from the dozens of validation studies we've conducted over the years that high scores on our pre-hire test correspond with significant improvements in the following areas. Click on any of them to see validation results from our clients.



Sales Revenue

Supervisor Performance Ratings

Customer Service



What do we test?


Nine individual traits under these three areas are assessed to help us predict which candidates will be the highest performers and stick around the longest. We also add any custom traits or skills our clients want to assess.


cognitive ability






Our Clients

We have clients in every industry. To learn what we can do for yours, check out our industries page or give us a call at 800.330.2020.



Decades of empirical evidence

According to the world’s two most cited authors on selection and hiring research, Drs. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter, there are huge advantages to screening applicants with a hiring assessment before using more traditional hiring processes like resume and interview screening.

“In economic terms, the gains from increasing the validity of hiring methods can amount over time to literally millions of dollars. However, this can be viewed from the opposite point of view: By using selection methods with low validity, an organization can lose millions of dollars in reduced production. […] In a competitive world, these organizations are unnecessarily creating a competitive disadvantage for themselves. By adopting more valid hiring procedures, they could turn this competitive disadvantage into a competitive advantage” (Hunter, Schmidt, 1998).

In this landmark study, Drs. Schmidt and Hunter conducted a meta-analysis of 85 years of personnel selection research to demonstrate the validity of 19 methods for predicting job and training performance. The study shows that cognitive ability, personality traits like conscientiousness and other factors that Optimize Hire examines are the best predictors of job performance.