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Job applicants who get high scores on our assessments earn significantly higher customer service ratings which we prove by conducting validation studies with our partners at the Wharton School. Validation studies are scientific experiments that show how accurately pre-employment test scores predict job performance outcomes like customer service ratings. Experts at the Wharton School who complete our validation studies hold them to the accepted scientific standard of 95% confidence, also known as statistical significance.

The Optimize Hire team, along with researchers from the Wharton School, can conduct a validation study to prove how well our pre-employment tests predict customer service ratings at your company. Click here to learn how.

High scorers at this company had 17% higher customer service ratings than their low-scoring counterparts.

17% higher customer service ratings

Employees at this company in the Southern United States had 17% higher customer service ratings if they were high scorers on an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test.

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