Sales Revenue

If your organization is hiring more than 200 new employees each year, our experts at the Wharton School can conduct a validation study to show how well our pre-hire assessment predicts higher sales revenues. Current employees take our off-the-shelf assessment and their scores are matched with their individual sales data. Time and time again, we've shown that a higher Optimize Hire score corresponds with higher sales revenue for that employee.

Sales Revenues 7%.png

7% more revenue

A validation study with this Fortune 300 company in the Northeast United States showed that high scorers generated 7% more sales revenue than low scorers. In economic terms, the gains from increasing the validity of hiring methods can amount over time to millions of dollars.

89% more revenue

These sales numbers from three large companies that did a combined validation study showed high scorers generated 89% more sales revenue than low scorers. The implications for greater sales income based on these numbers are astronomical. 

Sales Revenues 89%.png


Sales Revenue

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