Frequently Asked Questions

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What is pre employment testing?

Pre-employment testing is a tool used by thousands of companies across the world to hire more efficiently and more accurately. Job applicants complete an assessment to evaluate certain behavioral traits like cognitive ability, personality, motivation;  or hard skills like Microsoft Excel or coding in a certain information technology language. Pre-employment tests vary in the traits assessed, quality of the questions used, length of the assessment, and more. The Optimize Hire pre employment tests are customizable and can assess whatever traits or skills you’d like to see in your employees.

How much does it cost?

Optimize Hire sells its service as an annual license, which allows you to assess an unlimited number of applicants for all of your job openings each year. Give us a call at 800.330.2020 to get more specific pricing information for your organization.

How many applicants can I assess?

You can assess an unlimited number of applicants. In fact, the more the better! Whether you assess 1,000 applicants or 100,000+ applicants per year, the annual license cost is the same. Instead, the annual license cost is based on the number of people you expect to hire over the next 12 months.

How long does it take to complete the pre-employment test?

It takes applicants approximately 8-10 minutes to complete an Optimize Hire Pre Employment Test. The national completion rate is 96%.

Is Optimize Hire better for small or large organizations?

Whether you are thousands of people, hundreds of people, or just a few people per year, Optimize Hire is right for you. Our clients range from multi-billion dollar companies who hire thousands of people per year to small businesses hiring only a handful of people per year. Regardless of the size of your company, our pre-employment tests are strong predictors of job performance.

Do you work with my industry?

Yes, Optimize Hire works with all industries. Visit our Industries Page to learn more about our assessments and specific results related to your industry. If you don’t see your industry, send us an email by filling out the form in the top right section of this page or call us at 800.330.2020. In our ten-year history, we’ve likely worked with a company like yours, even if your specific industry isn’t currently listed on our website. We’re happy to share our results from your specific industry.

Does Optimize Hire cover the posting fees for 3rd party sites?

No, Optimize Hire does not cover the posting fees for 3rd party sites like CareerBuilder®, Craigslist®, and Monster®. Clients are responsible for 3rd party posting fees.

How does it work?

Optimize Hire will automatically guide you through every step of the hiring process. It’s easy! To learn more, visit our How It Works page. If you’d like to schedule a demo wit Dane, our head of sales, click here.

How long until I can start assessing applicants?

You can sign up and start assessing your job applicants in about 5 minutes. If you use an ATS like iCIMS or Greenhouse, the process is slightly longer, but no more than two weeks.

Does Optimize Hire have a pool of applicants?

Optimize Hire does not have a pool of applicants. Instead, we help you evaluate the applicants who apply to your job openings using our scientifically proven pre-employment tests that are tailored to your industry and the given job. We leave it up to our clients to recruit applicants.