What are they?

Optimize Hire performs validation studies when a company wants evidence that our pre-hire assessment accurately predicts job performance. If there are more than 200 employees available to take the Optimize Hire pre-employment assessment, our Wharton School experts can conduct a reliable study.

After employees take the assessment, we compare their scores to their job performance data like retention and sales revenue. Our research shows that high scorers on the Optimize Hire test are better performers and more likely to stick around than their low-scoring counterparts.

Our Wharton School experts hold their studies to the accepted scientific standard of 95% confidence, also known as statistical significance. 

See the results

The resources below show actual validation data from studies we've conducted. They're organized based on the job-performance variables we've used to understand exactly how high assessment scorers benefit their employers. Click on any of the blocks to learn more.


Sales Revenue

Supervisor Performance Ratings

Customer Service

Promotion Likelihood