Applicants who score well on our pre employment tests are more likely to follow safety procedures when on the job. We prove this with validation studies which we perform when requested as a courtesy to our clients.

If your organization is hiring more than 200 new employees each year, our experts at the Wharton School can conduct a validation study to show how well our pre-hire assessment works. There are two ways Optimize Hire and the Wharton team can conduct validation studies.

In the first, we ask current employees to take our pre employment test and then match their score with supervisor ratings of their performance. The second uses fresh data from a year (or so!)’s worth of new hires which were hired using the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test as an initial screening tool. Then, as in the first method, we match those test scores with supervisor ratings and analyze. Both are efficient, proven methods.

It's important to us that our clients feel confident their employees will follow safety procedures. Measuring this with a safety-focused assessment is tricky because the right answer to questions are often obvious to job applicants. The Optimize Hire Safety Pre Employment Test evaluates job applicants on traits that are highly correlated with safety behaviors. We can also assess safety related traits including risk-taking, authority, and more. 


16% higher supervisor ratings

Supervisors at this company in the Southeast United States rated their high-scoring employees about 16% higher than their low-scoring ones. Just over 400 employees at this company took an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test. 

12% higher supervisor ratings

At this company in the Northeast United States, about 150 employees took an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test. The supervisor ratings of high scorers were 12% higher than those of low scorers. 



26% higher supervisor ratings

About 170 employees at this company, which is housed both in Western Europe and in Asia, took an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test. Those with high scores had supervisor ratings that were 26% higher than supervisor ratings of the low scorers.


At this company in the Southeast, which gave one of the Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Tests to just under 300 of its employees, those with scores above our national average of 60/100 had supervisor ratings that were 21% higher than their lower-scoring colleagues.




At this company in the Southern US where about 350 applicants took an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test, those who did well had supervisor performance ratings that were 10% higher than those who scored low

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