Why It's Important to Rank Your Applicants With Pre-Employment Test Results

Ranking applicants by pre-employment test score helps companies reduce turnover and avoid bad hires.

Choosing a tool that automatically ranks your candidates is one of the most efficient ways to significantly decrease your workload and avoid bad hires. The hard part is finding a way to automate your candidate rankings without compromising the fairness of your system.

Some companies use options like machine learning algorithms that scan and compare resumes to job descriptions, and methods like this are helpful to filter out applicants who don’t have the experience your job requires. However, decades of psychology research shows that the most productive employees exhibit strength in a series of personality and motivational traits and not just experience.

Experts say the best way to initially screen candidates quickly is to choose the top-ranked scorers on pre-employment tests, and pick them out for resume review and interviews. Automatically ranking applicants by pre-employment test score is an easy feature to integrate into any ATS and saves recruiters tons of time.

Here’s how we know pre-employment test ranking systems help improve the quality of your hires:

  1. Decades of research say so

    Consider this meta-analysis and recommendation by the world’s two most cited authors on selection and hiring research, Drs. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter.

    “In economic terms, the gains from increasing the validity of hiring methods can amount over time to literally millions of dollars. However, this can be viewed from the opposite point of view: By using selection methods with low validity, an organization can lose millions of dollars in reduced production. […] In a competitive world, these organizations are unnecessarily creating a competitive disadvantage for themselves. By adopting more valid hiring procedures, they could turn this competitive disadvantage into a competitive advantage” (Hunter, Schmidt, 1998).

  2. Optimize Hire Validation Studies

    Validation studies completed by experts at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania have proven repeatedly that high scorers on our pre-employment tests turn over less, generate more sales, and earn better ratings from their supervisors and managers. Check out some of those results here, or contact us for more detailed reports.