Why An Unbiased Personality Metric is Essential to Productive Recruiting


Resumes and interviews are no-brainer essentials to the hiring process. Recruiters need to know what kind of experience candidates have, and get a first-hand sense of how they could fit into the company culture.

Any recruiter will tell you that the resume-reading and interview process can be lengthy and tedious. Psychological research goes as far as to say that without an unbiased metric to complement it, time spent reading resumes can become time wasted.

Consider this article by Kim Tasso, a management consultant and psychologist who wrote for Undercover Recruiter that we tend to project opinions and assumptions from past interactions onto strangers when we first meet them.

When managers conduct interviews and read resumes without a more objective piece of input like a pre-employment test, they’re more likely to choose people who remind them of themselves. When we choose people just like us to fill empty positions, we miss out on huge growth opportunities for our teams and our companies.

Like Tasso recommends, it’s best to measure personality and motivations in unbiased ways.

Using a hiring test will shed light on people who have valuable strengths that you may not have been able to identify by only looking at a resume or conducting an interview.

By adding a pre-employment test, you can make interviews and resume-reviewing more productive, saving yourself time and your company money. Click here for research that demonstrates the power of pre-employment tests.