3 Essential Tactics for Engaging Passive Applicants

It’s a challenging time for recruiters - there are simply more jobs on the market than there are candidates, and many of the best workers are already comfortable in another job. If your job application is too boring or difficult, these passive applicants simply won’t apply, and you could miss out on some amazing talent.

Why An Unbiased Personality Metric is Essential to Productive Recruiting

When managers conduct interviews and read resumes without a more objective piece of input like a pre-employment test, they’re more likely to choose people who remind them of themselves. When we choose people just like us to fill empty positions, we miss out on huge growth opportunities for our teams and our companies.

How To Improve Your Hiring Process (In 4 Easy Steps)

Creating the hiring system that will help you get the most out of the huge amount of time, energy and money your HR department puts into recruiting will make all the difference. Here are four of the ways we’ve seen this done by our most successful clients.