Optimize Hire Applicant Tracking System

While our custom pre-employment tests seamlessly integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems like iCIMS, Greenhouse, and Workday, we also provide our own in-house applicant tracking system for clients that don’t require a robust third-party system. The Optimize Hire Applicant Tracking System comes at no additional cost to your pre-employment test annual license and allows you to:

  • Create unlimited job openings

  • Assess an unlimited number of job applicants

  • Customize the information collected from applicants in the online application page

  • Rank applicants by Optimize Hire test score (filtered by job opening)

  • Access score reports and custom interview guides broken down by trait

  • Update candidate status in the hiring process

  • Prioritize candidates by moving them around in the rankings manually.

  • Email job applicants directly from the system

  • Determine the job boards from which you are receiving the most applicants

  • Generate reports of applicant data for analysis

Optimize Hire Applicant Tracking System.png

Optimize Hire Online Application Page

Job applicants apply and take the test in the same sitting. Then we rank your applicants by their test scores.

  1. Job applicants complete the online application page (see a sample below)

  2. Job applicants take an Optimize Hire Pre-Employment Test

  3. Optimize Hire ranks applicants by their test score in the Applicant Tracking System