Construction companies and contractors use the Optimize Hire Pre-employment test to improve hiring decisions for skilled and non-skilled workers. These organizations range from large contractors to small worksites.

Developed by Dr. Adam Grant at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the Optimize Hire Construction Pre-Employment Test is one of the shortest hiring assessments on the market with an industry-leading completion rate of 96%.

What we test

Nine individual traits under these three areas are assessed to help us predict which candidates will be the highest performers and stick around the longest. We also add any custom traits or skills our clients want to assess.

pre-hire test pre-employment assessment cognitive ability Optimize Hire industries construction

cognitive ability

pre-hire test pre-employment assessment personality Optimize Hire industries construction


pre-hire test pre-employment assessment motivation Optimize Hire industries construction


Assessing and hiring candidates is easy

pre-hire test pre-employment assessment how it works Optimize Hire industries construction

sign up and start testing

Getting started takes just a few minutes whether you're using our built-in applicant tracking system or using a third party like iCIMS. Completing the assessment should only take your applicants 8-10 minutes, making it one of the shortest on the market.


pre-hire test pre-employment assessment how it works Optimize Hire industries construction

rank candidates and interview

Candidates are automatically ranked by their assessment score. Optimize Hire also provides custom interview guides, with suggested questions straight from experts at the Wharton School based on each candidate's specific answers. This will help you probe your candidate's specific strengths and weaknesses to see if they're truly a good fit for your company.


pre-hire test pre-employment assessment how it works Optimize Hire industries construction

Hire productive, happy employees

Check out our validation studies to see the incredible results our clients have had using the Optimize Hire assessment. If that doesn't convince you, we'll do a validation study just for your company, too.

I have been using Optimize Hire now for almost two years and it has been a game changer for me. Not only has it helped me get A players on my team, but I do it in a fraction of the time.
— Terry Thayer, Thayer Homes
Optimize Hire is like the crystal ball of hiring resources. You get all the answers a simple resume or conversation will not disclose. It saves countless hours by giving an at-a-glance overview that’s simple to follow. Optimize Hire gives me the capability and resource asset of a corporate HR officer, without the costs associated. Whether you’re hiring 1 person, or 50 per year, this product is well worth the investment!
— Tony Patterson, Patterson Custom Builders

Our Clients

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