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Optimize Hire pre-employment tests are totally customizable, helping you ensure you get the assessment that’s right for your unique company culture and positions. Basic, industry-specific Optimize Hire pre-employment tests take only 8-10 minutes and enjoy highest completion rate on the market at 96%.

Our pre employment tests were developed by experts at the Wharton School. Those experts still conduct our validation studies and collaborate on assessment customizations. All Optimize Hire pre-employment tests are validated and comply with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission standards.

How does it help?

Our industry-specific pre-employment testing is based on decades of industrial psychology research and continued validation study data. We know from the dozens of validation studies we've conducted over the years that high scores on our pre-employment test correspond with significant improvements in the following areas. Click on any of them to see validation results from our clients.



Sales Revenue

Supervisor Performance Ratings

Customer Service



What do we test?

Nine individual traits under these three areas are assessed to help us predict which candidates will be the highest performers and stick around the longest. We also add any custom traits or skills our clients want to assess.

Optimize Hire Pre employment testing tests cognitive ability

cognitive ability

Optimize Hire Pre employment testing assessments test personality


Optimize Hire Pre employment testing assessments test personality


How it works

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assess applicants

All applicants apply and take the Optimize Hire Pre Employment Tests right from their own phone or computer during the initial step of the application process. The testing process takes only 8-10 minutes, making it one of the shortest assessments on the market. In addition, the Optimize Hire Pre Employment Test has a national completion rate of 96%, meaning the drop-off rate for applicants is extraordinarily low. 

applicants ranked automatically

Your ATS instantly ranks all applicants based on their assessment scores. Decades of research show that recruiters and managers who focus on the highest scoring applicants and then review their resumes are more likely to recruit better-performing talent.


Interview Applicants

Optimize Hire generates a customized interview guide for each applicant to dive deeper into the potential problem areas uncovered by the assessment. The questions in the interview guide are specially developed by hiring experts at the Wharton School to accurately probe the specific traits assessed by the Optimize Hire Pre Employment Test. Questions are populated based on each applicant’s answers to the hiring assessment.

What's included in the annual license?

  • Unlimited assessments

  • Candidate ranking system

  • Custom interview guides

  • Seamless integration with your ATS


Optimize Hire Talent Assessments integrate seamlessly with iCIMS, Greenhouse, and any other Applicant Tracking System. Optimize Hire is also a premier iCIMS partner. If your business uses either of these applicant tracking systems to manage your hiring processes, simply contact us and we can have our pre-employment tests integrated into your system right away.

If you use a different applicant tracking system, contact us anyway. We can easily integrate our pre-employment tests with your current ATS. If you don’t use an ATS at all, Optimize Hire has one built-in at no added cost to you.

Optimize Hire integrates seamlessly with iCIMS.
Optimize Hire integrates seamlessly with Greenhouse.IO.

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Hear from our clients

“The quality of the high scoring applicants is definitely higher than what I’ve seen come through in the past!” - Stuart B.

“Normally, I dread the hiring process, but with Optimize Hire I had a quality employee in no time! Best of all was the time savings, no wasted calls and interviews to unqualified candidates. My time is money and Optimize Hire paid for itself on the first ad run.” - Jeffrey S.

”Optimize Hire allowed us to sort our applicants and pre-determine the candidates that we wanted to bring in for an interview. The Optimize Hire team is also enthusiastic and eager to help, and went above and beyond our expectations. Optimize Hire is a must have for a busy office!” -Rebecca F.

Decades of empirical evidence

According to the world’s two most cited authors on selection and hiring research, Drs. Frank Schmidt and John Hunter, there are huge advantages to screening applicants with a pre-employment test before using more traditional hiring processes like resume and interview screening.

“In economic terms, the gains from increasing the validity of hiring methods can amount over time to literally millions of dollars. However, this can be viewed from the opposite point of view: By using selection methods with low validity, an organization can lose millions of dollars in reduced production. […] In a competitive world, these organizations are unnecessarily creating a competitive disadvantage for themselves. By adopting more valid hiring procedures, they could turn this competitive disadvantage into a competitive advantage” (Hunter, Schmidt, 1998).

In this landmark study, Drs. Schmidt and Hunter conducted a meta-analysis of 85 years of personnel selection research to demonstrate the validity of 19 methods for predicting job and training performance. The study shows that cognitive ability, personality traits like conscientiousness and other factors that Optimize Hire examines are the best predictors of job performance.

Developed by Adam Grant, PhD

Our tests were designed by Dr. Adam Grant, who is best known for his research on “helping motivation,” a trait exhibited by people who are more likely to help their co-workers and customers and create both a more inspiring work environment and a more productive company. Helping motivation is one of the many traits that the Optimize Hire Talent Assessment tests in addition to others compiled from a host of elite psychology researchers.