Experience the Optimize Hire difference


Backed by Science

Our pre-hire tests were developed by experts at the Wharton School. Those experts still conduct our validation studies and collaborate on assessment customizations.

Most Completed

Because the Optimize Hire pre-employment assessment takes only 8-10 minutes to complete, we have the highest completion rate on the market at 96%.

9 Traits Tested

Our pre-hire assessments always test 9 specific personality traits chosen based on decades of psychological research. We know they work based on our own validation research.

You've got options

Optimize Hire has several types of pre-employment tests to best fit your needs.


assessments by industry

Our tests are tailored to specific types of applicants for every industry. We work with our team at the Wharton School to make sure those tests are accurate.


assessments by outcome

Do you want to improve retention? Sales? We have tests proven to predict success specific to your needs. 



CUSTOM assessments

What specific expertise do your employees need? From Excel skills tests to _____, we can make sure your candidates are prepared.

What we test


Our pre-employment tests take between 8 and 10 minutes on average - one of the shortest on the market. Candidates get an overall score based on their answers to questions in the three categories below and they're automatically ranked by that score. Our validation studies show that higher scores correlate with more productive workplace behaviors.


Cognitive ability





Here's how it works

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Sign up and start testing

Getting started takes just a few minutes whether you're using our built-in applicant tracking system or using a third party like iCIMS. Completing the assessment should only take your applicants 8-10 minutes, making it one of the shortest on the market.

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rank and interview candidates

Candidates are automatically ranked by their assessment score. Optimize Hire also provides custom interview guides, with suggested questions straight from experts at the Wharton School based on each candidate's specific answers. This will help you probe your candidate's specific strengths and weaknesses to see if they're truly a good fit for your company.



Hire productive, happy employees

Check out our validation studies to see the incredible results our clients have had using the Optimize Hire assessment. If that doesn't convince you, we'll do a validation study just for your company, too.

What does the package include?

The Annual License


Clients purchase the Optimize Hire assessment on an annual basis. We'll charge you based on the number of people you expect to hire in a year, no matter how many candidates take your assessment. 

Custom interview guides


Your annual license always comes with custom interview guides for each candidate. Questions specifically designed by our experts at the Wharton School will help you get to know your high-scoring candidates even better based on their specific assessment answers. This will help you ensure that who you hire is a good fit for your company.

Mobile optimized


Every Optimize Hire Pre-employment assessment is mobile optimized to make your the applicant experience as seamless and simple as possible.

Help! Whenever you need it


The Optimize Hire annual license also comes with fast, reliable and dedicated customer service. Our number one priority is to maintain positive relationships with our clients. You'll always speak directly with a manager to discuss your questions and you'll always receive an answer within one business day.